Pricing Information

Determining Cost of a Funeral 

Funeral Home Service Charge

Funeral home service charges are those charges for items selected from the funeral home’s General Price List* in an itemized listing, allowing the family to pick and choose only those items of service they desire. However, under the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule, the funeral home may make a non-declinable service charge that will be added to those items selected.

- See General Price List


Merchandise charges are the prices paid for caskets, burial vaults, cremation urns, stationary, clothing and other items purchased from the funeral home.

There is never any pressure to select merchandise. No matter how expensive or inexpensive the merchandise you choose, you can be assured the quality of our service and commitment to you is unvarying. We welcome comparisons of our merchandise and we are required to provide to the consumer a merchandise price list at the time merchandise is being selected.

- See Merchandise

Cash Advances

Cash advances are certain charges made by others for which the funeral home has agreed to advance payment. These are customarily charges for cemetery grave openings, clergy, organist or soloist honorarium, etc.

Your personal needs and wishes determine the charges. To some families cost, not value seem to be their only concern. After all, so much of what a funeral home does is never seen by the consumer and therefore may not be perceived to be a value. Ask friends, neighbors, or your clergy whom they would recommend.